Richard Koeck is Professor and Chair in Architecture and the Visual Arts at the University of Liverpool and Director of the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts | CAVA. His is founding Director of the award-winning Digital Film & Media Production company CineTecture (Liverpool) and Co-Director of the Trans-Disciplinary European Design Network.

His expertise combines three principle interlocking knowledge domains: space, media and people. Within this wide field, he is known for providing insight in the design practices – through the study of physical space as well as mediated through, e.g. visual arts (e.g. film, animation), digital and locative media (e.g. AR/VR/digital screens) as well as information and artificial intelligence systems.

His thought-leadership in relation to trans-disciplinary, impact-focused methods of knowledge production as well as digital design innovations is recognized by governmental bodies, such as RCUK, Innovate UK and Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group (UK House of Commons); National Museums, Galleries and the Venice Biennale; as well as in media and broadcasting circles. His company won the 2019 TVE Global Sustainability Film Award in the category AI and Design Innovation.