Re-framing | Cultivating the necessary skills, methods and mind-sets

The process of developing, testing, and scaling innovation for sustainable impact relies largely on the coordinated and collaborative action of different actors, infrastructures and resources. They all play a critical role in translating a great idea to having a transformative impact.

Keynote presentations will showcase new approaches to cultivating the necessary skills, tools, technologies, mind-sets and methods to support and sustain trans-disciplinary innovation.
A particular focus will be on new educational and knowledge production methods, new ways of reframing trans-disciplinary problems and challenges, and new tools/technologies to aid co-design and co-creation across disciplines/sectors. This will be followed by a moderated Q&A session with the two keynotes, with audience participation.

Five short (lightening) presentations, from ecosystem actors including R&D teams, educators, researchers, and other advocate groups and institutions, will share their approaches, models and new programmes. Presentations will focus how to create improved and sustainable value across the their respective ecosystems. The presentations will be followed by an interactive panel discussion with audience participation in conversation with the speakers.

9:00 am: doors open for registrations
9:30 am: commencement
4:30 pm: symposium concludes

Anne Asensio

Keynote Speaker – FR

Vice President Design Experience @Dassault Systèmes, France

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Riccardo Balbo

Keynote Speaker – ITL

Academic Director, IED (European Institue of Design) Global, Italy

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Richard Koeck

Keynote Speaker – UK

Director of CAVA, Co-director of European Design Network, Liverpool University, UK

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Leanne Collins


Director of Geelong Tech School

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Jo-Ann Kellock


CEO at Design Institute Australia

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Rui Wang

Presenting with Sofija Kaljevic

Research Fellow MInD Lab/Deakin

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Sofija Kaljevic

Presenting with Rui Wang

Research Associate MInD Lab/Deakin

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Rodger Watson


Course Director at University of Technology Sydney

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Eugene Chung


Organisational Design Director, MentallyFriendly

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