Matthew Szymczak

Design has featured throughout Matthew’s 25 year career, starting in web design back in the days of Netscape Navigator One. Solving customer problems with design thinking was immensely satisfying and over the years, his experience leveraging emerging technologies combined with a human-centred design approach have helped drive organisational transformation, performance, profitability and customer satisfaction for thousands of people.

Until recently, Matthew led the digital services team at the City of Greater Geelong, managing the City’s extensive digital platforms and customer online service experience. He saw an opportunity in the emerging space of Smart Cities in line with Geelong’s Clever Creative Future and established an office dedicated to improving smart infrastructure in Greater Geelong. Matthew spends most of his time facilitating government investment and partnerships and has so far established one of the largest Lorawan networks in Australia as well as bringing Smart Poles to Geelong in a Victorian first.