COVID-19 Collaboration – The Ventilator Splitter

Deakin researchers have collaborated with Anaesthetists from the Alfred Hospital and the Baker Institute to address the lack of ventilators available for seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

The ventilator splitter and Deakin University collaboration came about through Dr Jennifer Hall, who’s an anaesthetist at the Alfred Hospital. Ms Hall had been observing what’s been happening in other countries with the lack of ventilator machines to treat the high numbers of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. 

On Tuesday 24 March, Dr Hall contacted Deakin to see what 3D printing resources the School of Architecture and Built Environment had to print and test the production of a prototype ventilator splitter.

The query quickly turned into a collaboration between the School of Architecture and Built Environment, the School of Engineering, Austeng, other Anaesthetists from the Alfred Hospital and the Baker Institute. It’s really a fantastic collaboration between university and industry, demonstrating how the two can effectively work together.

The team continue to work on this collaboration and prototype development.

Special thanks to:

Our Deakin University colleagues that helped make this happen: Executive Dean Karen Hapgood, AHoS (Research) Ben Horan (School of Engineering), Rebecca Bartel (DR Innovations) and Deakin’s CIMT.

Colleagues at Austeng: Ross George, Lyn George and Dylan Mayson

Doctors at the Alfred Hospital: Timothy Byrne, Simon Hendel and Jennifer Hall

Researchers at the Baker Institute

Source: AHoS (Research) Ben Horan (School of Engineering)